1950s fir tree and illuminated floral glades: VDNKh decorated for New Year holidays

December 22, 2019

VDNKh has transformed before the New Year festivities. Come to admire the festive decor, fir trees with fancy ornaments and numerous light sculptures.

Lawns and flower beds have been replaced with glowing iridescent flowers. You will find 'growing' 4m high dandelion lamps on both sides of the Central Pavilion. Promyshlennosti Square features a whole field of fireflies. There have been over 300 light compositions and sculptures installed around VDNKh. Enjoy the festive decor until late February.

'This year, VDNKh celebrated its 80th anniversary. In the jubilee season, the concept of festive decoration is about both the exhibition’s past and the present. So, a 20 m high blue spruce growing at the historical arch of the northern entrance since 1959 was decorated in the 1950s style, with snowflakes, colourful balls and garlands looking like sparkling tinsel. A ruby-coloured star is fixed on the top of the fir tree. The style of the 1950s has been chosen for a reason, as it was the time when the tradition of decorating a Christmas tree set in at VDNKh. There are also 13 artificial Christmas trees with gold, silver, blue, red and purple installed at the exhibition,' the Press Service of VDNKh told.

Another detail in the exhibition decor reminiscent of the 1950s is the luminous columns on the square in front of the central entrance arch and the Central Alley. They look like architectural elements in Stalinist Empire style. Many of VDNKh buildings, including the Central and Meat Industry pavilions were built in this style. There is a flickering number 80 mounted in the centre of the square to remind of VDNKh's anniversary. Besides, you will see eight large Christmas balls on stands, special lamps stylised as classic Christmas ornaments, valuable at all times.

Photo by VDNKh

The Magic Alley consisting of nine luminous openwork arches will welcome guests right at the entrance. It will lead you right to the Central Pavilion to see an unusual festive installation 'Christmas Time', a luminous arch with columns almost 19 m high. It follows the outline of the central entrance arch. The composition is crowned by a clock with a dial and a snowflake-shaped pendulum. The Christmas Time clock is not a model, it really worls, accurately counting hours and minutes.

Photo by VDNKh

'Fields of Light' have replaced lawns on the Central Alley, and appeared on the ice rink, too. About 80,000 shimmering balls have been fixed on flexible legs resembling flower stems. Iridescent balls swing in the wind and shimmer. To the left and right of the Central Pavilion, you will find giant 4 m high dandelion lamps. Their umbrellas are also constantly changing their colours.

No less impressive 'Field of Fireflies' installation has been mounted on Promyshlennosti Square. Special thin LED tubes imitate flashing lights in the night.

The large walking alley at VDNKh has been decorated with sparkling snowflakes. You will find a fairy-tale slide with openwork light railing next to the Crafts House. Ostankino Park has also acquired its festive decor, with glowing trees with bullfinches on their branches and unusual candle lamp lanterns.

Moscow streets, parks, squares and embankments have been decorated for the New Year holidays. Over 4,200 illuminated objects and 300 Christmas trees create a festive mood in the city. You will find the tallest Christmas tree (30 m high) on Lubyanskaya Square.

Pedestrian areas and parks have now light tunnels, Christmas photo zones, brightly illuminated 2020 figures and other festive designs mounted. Watch the 'starry sky' in Nikolskaya and Myasnitskaya streets, Rozhdestvenka, Kremlin Ring, Ilyinka, Kuznetsky Most and Bolshaya Dmitrovka streets, Lubyanskaya Square, Kamergersky and Stoleshnikov lanes.

Teatralnaya Square has now a large 11 m high Christmas ball and illuminated arches decorated in filigree style mounted in front of the Bolshoi Theatre. The world's largest music multimedia Christmas ball shines on Poklonnaya Gora, the same as in previous years. However, this time it is 3 m higher. 17 m wide, it weighs about 35 tons. The design includes 390,000 LED pixels, 16 km of LED strips and garlands.

Source: mos.ru

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