100% hit. Interviews with school graduates who have scored 100 points at the Unified State Exam

July 5

Exams are over, school graduation certificates obtained, and the school leaving party in Gorky Park will be never forgot. But there is no time to relax, as former schoolchildren have to apply to universities they have chosen. Where school students who have scored 100 points apply to? How do they see themselves in 10 years? Why don't they take the Unified State Exam as a serious testing? Mos.ru article is to give answers to these and other questions.

Maria Kovalyova, Bauman Engineering School No. 1580: I didn't find the Unified State Exam difficult

I've passed exams in the Russian language, mathematics and physics with 100 points scored.

I got 100 points, because I had been into more difficult educational programme for a long time, both at school and at the extracurricular classes I attended. I was mastering an advanced course, that means a higher level than the curriculum ordinary eleventh formers master. I'm a graduate of Bauman Engineering School No. 1580 specializing in physics, mathematics and computer science. Our students generally do well in mathematics and physics exams. This year, about 50 people have scored 100 points at the Unified State Exams in these subjects. If we compare the number of excellent students among girls and boys, girls prevail. There are talented boys, experts in physics and mathematics, but they may fail in literature or fail to prepare their homework. I think girls are more diligent.

I didn't find the Unified State Exam difficult. But to be honest, I didn't expect that I'd score 100 points: I thought I'd make a lot of mistakes. The most difficult thing was to stop worrying, but as soon as I entered the classroom, I realised that there was no fear. There were no stressful situations, the examinations were very well organized: we had four hours to do the exam without any haste and could even go out for a drink or a snack. In general, we had everything necessary to focus and show what you were capable of. It helped me.

I'm going to enter the Moscow State University, the Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty. I still don't know what profession to choose, but I'd like to keep studying fundamental mathematics. I believe in Russian science. I don't keep track of its achievements so far, as all my time is devoted to in-depth study of mathematics and physics, but, surely, I know some  outstanding mathematicians, and seek my inspiration from them.

Alek Kokrikov, school No. 625: It was Olympiads that helped me to pass the Unified State Exam.

I've scored 100 points at the Unified State Exams in history and geography

I've always been interested in history and geography, and this is the main secret of my success. Besides, my teachers helped me greatly to prepare for the exams. I studied quite a lot, but I have to thank my teachers for the results I achieved. Most of the time I studied at home, but I also attended extracurricular classes at school. My participation in the Olympiads has also contributed to my success. Since I was a fifth former, I have got used to this format, filling out forms and tests.

I had hoped for a good result in geography, but I hadn't expected it in history, as I was very anxious at the exam. The most difficult task for me at the geography exam was to draw a terrain profile, as it took long to do, and I had already spent a lot of time to make correct calculations. As for the history exam, the most difficult thing for me was to write an essay on 'The Reign of Alexander III', though I had several topics to choose from, but I had chosen that one.

I'm going to enter the Institute of Asian and African Studies at the Moscow State University. I'm getting ready for my history entrance examination. I'm still not sure about a specialty to master, I haven't  made up my mind yet. Perhaps, in the future, I'd like to work in one of the Russian ministries or in some trade representative office.

My advice for the next year's graduates is not to worry about the exam, as there is nothing to be anxious about. The most important thing is to work hard and review on a regular basis.

Anastasia Andryunina, school No. 1517: I couldn't even imagine that I would be the only Russian school student to score 100 points at the exam in the Chinese language

I've scored 100 points at the Unified State Exam in the Chinese language

I had lived in China for a long time. I moved to Russia when I was to go to the seventh form. In China, I had studied at an ordinary school where I had been taught Chinese, and at home, in our family circle, we had spoken Russian with my mother teaching me the language.

At school No. 1517, I continued studying Chinese. We had five Chinese lessons a week. It was enough for me to prepare for the Exam, I didn't take any extracurricular classes.

I assumed that I would pass the Exam well, but I could not even imagine that I'd be the only Russian school student to score 100 points at the exam in Chinese.

Apart from Chinese, I have also passed Russian and specialised mathematics exams. I aim to enter the International Economy Faculty or the Faculty of Law at the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia to get a degree in financial law, but I will apply to several universities.

In 10 years, I envision myself as an economist developing cooperation with China.

I spent all my childhood in China, I fell in love with this country, its culture, I even like Chinese cuisine! So there's a connection I don't want to break. My parents are Russian, we went there because my father found a job in China, and he also wanted to learn Chinese.

Generally, it is not that difficult for a Russian to learn Chinese. Some may find it difficult, of course, but if you make an effort you can achieve anything. I My advice for those school students who are to take a Chinese exam is to watch more films in Chinese and listen to Chinese music. As for me, I often watch videos about life in China in spoken Chinese, and this is very helpful for beginners.

Source: mos.ru

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