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There’s tons to do in Moscow all year round! You can attend concerts, theater performances, master classes, sports exhibitions, street festivals, and free excursions at any time. Our recommendations will help you choose events to your taste and experience another fantastic day in this beautiful city.
In any season Moscow has lots of places to visit and plenty of sights to see. Just after few hours flight you find yourself in the city of centuries-old history and world-famous architecture, in the motherland of Dostoevsky, Kandinsky, Stanislavski, Scriabin, Plisetskaya. The most captivating events to be held on the streets and squares of Russian capital are unified in one series labelled Moscow Seasons.
Квесты Выставки Лекции Мастер-классы Спектакли Фестивали Экскурсии
Moscow Seasons’ urban events series
Moscow Seasons’ city all-the-year-round festivals have already become a hallmark of Russian capital. We have hosted more than 50 large-scale events so far – wonderful Journey to Christmas Festival, gastronomic festival Golden Autumn, traditional national holiday Maslenitsa, colorful summer Flower Jam festival, spectacular City Day, and many other outstanding festivals.
Upcoming events
You can also сhoose events you are interested in by various parameters. For example, free events, interactive events, events for kids, etc.
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