June 8-12
More than 30 important historical anniversaries will take place in 2023
Opening hours: Weekdays: 12:00 — 20:00
Weekend 11:00 —  21:00

About the festival

History will come alive, right in front of your eyes! Four great battles will be re-enacted, an open air museum and kilometres of Russian history filling the streets of Moscow! From 8 to 12 June, we invite the capital’s visitors and residents to visit our celebration of history, the «Times and Epochs» festival, which will cover 41 city venues.

The programme includes historical re-enactments and quest games, captivating master classes, immersive performances, authentic concert programmes and entertaining sports displays in the styles of ten different eras.
great battles
More than 1,000
hours of workshops
More than 315 excursions
historical epochs

Park re-enactments

This part of the festival features troop reviews and parades, martial arts competitions and grand battles, balls and concerts. In four Moscow parks, you’ll have the chance to see some of the most important events in which Moscow, and all of Russia, take pride. From authentic costumes and weapons to portrayals of real historical characters, re-enactments through augmented reality will reveal the genuine spirit of each epoch.
Troop reviews and parades
Demonstration performances
Battle re-enactments
Open air museum
Kilometres of history on the Boulevard Ring! Seven open air museums will immerse muscovites and visitors in different historical epochs. You find out more about the fashions of the time, distinctive architectural styles and see a wealth of museum collections with unique artefacts and artwork on display.

Exhibitions, excursion programmes around the city revealing the country’s past and present along with an authentic programme of theatrical performances and historical cameo performances are just some of the highlights awaiting festival guests.
The first century of the Russian Empire»
Gogolevsky Boulevard
Russian principalities in the Middle Ages
Tverskoy Boulevard
Silver Age of Russian culture
Pushkinskaya Square
The first defence of Sevastopo
Strastnoy Boulevard
1812: A time of glory and delight
Sretensky boulevard
Ancient culture of the Crimean Peninsula
Chistoprudny boulevard
The Great Patriotic War
Pokrovsky boulevard
Special projects
Team board game, «Times and Epochs»
Festival guests are invited to play a team board game at the park venues. Each player will have a role and, with their team, solve tasks from eight historic periods. В парковых площадках гостей фестиваля приглашают сыграть в настольную игру. Participants will have to collect as many historical artefacts as possible to win commemorative prizes for completing the route.
  • 12 players per team
  • 45-90 minutes per game
  • 8 teams play at the same time
Themed market on Tverskoy Boulevard
Experience the atmosphere of a real flea market, buy antiques and vintage goods, books, badges and other everyday items from bygone times at our themed market in the capital’s centre. 43 chalets and 10 exhibition stands are on hand for «Times and Epochs» festival guests to explore and enjoy.
Quest game
Every park venue has special playground areas recreating historical universes. Everyone can try one of 7 different roles for themselves as (for example, merchant, warrior, craftsman or scientist) or embark on a journey through various epochs ranging from the 9th to the 20th centuries. This team quest game tests intelligence, strength, agility, intuition and luck.
  • 7 players per team
  • 45-90 minutes per game
  • 8 teams play at the same time
Festival map