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International Urban Landscape Design Festival and Contest 'Flower Jam' is finally over!

From June 20 through early autumn, Muscovites and tourists alike could enjoy 42 cutting-edge gardens in Moscow’s public spaces. These urban oases have been created by leading landscape architects and designers from 11 countries — Italy, France, Slovakia, China, Uruguay, Finland, Lithuania, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, and Russia. From August 22 to September 8, the festival’s visitors enjoyed entertaining activities at 50 city venues, including master classes in gardening, floristry, and culinary arts, as well as open-air gigs, theater performances, and a special program dedicated to Moscow’s Birthday. And on September 8, one of the events — a large-scale amateur flower contest — encompassed the entire city, with 1500 venues in all!

Festival Results
7.7 million
15 thousand
> 6000
master classes
landscape design contest projects
> 110
free excursions
Project archive
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