About the Festival

The Russian capital’s Golden Autumn culinary festival has ended. Visitors of this massive event had the opportunity to buy the best-quality farm products from all over the country, as well as try delicious dishes prepared according to the favorite recipes of Russia’s various regions. There was also a cornucopia of cultural events to take part in, including theatrical performances, folk concerts, exhibitions, and lectures, not to mention the many sports activities and master classes. 

That’s how it was
festival days 
6.7 million
> 15,000
people attended
> 1000
master classes
participants in sports activities
> 16,000 kg
of meat delicacies
> 19,000 kg
of fish and seafood
liters of hot drinks
> 29,000 kg
of cheese and dairy products
> 14,000 kg
of fruits and vegetables
hot food dishes
Project archive
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