About the Festival

The theme of Moscow’s main harvest festival this year will be innovations in Russian agriculture. From October 4 to 13, visitors of the culinary event will see how smart technologies can contribute to food production, how big data helps forecast agricultural yields, and how robots monitor the health of the fields.

At the festival venues, you’ll be able to buy the best Russian farm products, sample dishes from a special seasonal menu, acquaint yourself with the traditional cuisine of various Russian regions, attend free folk concerts, and even travel back in time with historical reenactment enthusiasts!

Festival hours
Weekdays: 11am-9pm
Weekends: 10am-10pm

Food Markets
What’s the taste of the future? The Golden Autumn Festival offers the best traditional favorites plus the latest achievements in farming and agriculture from various Russian regions. At our markets, you can purchase high-quality products such as fish and seafood, meat, mushrooms, honey, and nuts, as well as venison, horse meat, ostrich meat, and other fine delicacies. There will also be dozens of types of cheese and other milk products, natural marmalade, and exotic jams made from violets, lavender, and chrysanthemums, plus much, much more. You can also check out various innovative products made in Russia, including superfoods, Food 2 Go, and functional foods enriched by vitamins and minerals.

Besides the markets at the venues, 22 farmers markets, 96 weekend markets, and 1,386 chain stores throughout the city are also to take part in the festival!
Historical Venues in Suburbs
This year, ten Golden Autumn venues in Moscow’s suburbs will present unique historical programs where you can travel back in time accompanied by experienced reenactors! For example, on Svyatoozerskaya Street you can visit a settlement inhabited by the Dyakovo people, who once lived in the Moscow, Tver, Vladimir, and Smolensk Regions from the 5th century BC to the 7th century AD. On Gorodetskaya Street, you can attend costume balls in the spirit of the Middle Ages in Europe; on Matveevskaya Street, you’ll find yourself in a Mediterranean port town during the 19th century; and, in Zelenograd, residents and visitors can meet Streltsy soldiers, scribes, cooks, and musicians from the time of the second tsar of the Romanov Dynasty, Aleksey I.
Map of Central Festival Venues
Map of Festival Venues
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