Centers of attraction: a guide to new sights of Moscow

While visiting these places, you will become a part of the local community for a while, will see the rapid growth of the megapolis with your own eyes, and will be able to make wonderful commemorative photos.

Keeping up with Moscow is not that easy – like a real lady it changes, testing new styles and paying special attention to details. Over the past year, several new stylish urban spaces have appeared in Moscow – some of them were built from scratch and some have been restored, but each of them has already become a powerful center of attraction for tourists and local residents.

We highly recommend experimenting with walking routes in order to visit most of them!

Zaryadye Park

Perhaps the main "acquisition” of Moscow in 2017. You can spend a whole day in the landscape park, built on the site of the former Rossiya hotel: take a walk through the coniferous and coastal forests, meadows, birch grove and even the steppes (various ecosystems coexist here), visit the scientific and educational center offering laboratory experiments, conferences, lectures and seminars on genetics, biotechnology, microbiology, geography and ecology, adapted for both layman adults and children. There is also a Florarium - a multilevel greenhouse, where tropical plants are cultivated in an artificial climate by aeroponics - growing in the air, without use of soil. And there is more to come: you can also take a trip to the Ice Cave, designed to demonstrate the greatness of the Northern nature. The park has a gastronomic center where you can taste traditional Russian dishes or buy some food for a picnic.

Embankments of the city

Embankments of the Russian capital deserve special attention. The view of the proud and twisty Moscow river fascinates and inspires. There are dozens of embankments in Moscow, and 11 of them form a single 17-kilometer route, which was recently landscaped and is especially good now. During the day there is a view of a number of iconic attractions from here: The Kremlin, the Pushkin Museum, the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, Luzhniki, the building of the Russian Academy of Sciences and many others. And, in the evening, when the illumination is turned on, a walk along the waters shining with all the colors of the rainbow will give amazing impressions! You will share them with hundreds and thousands of Muscovites who love to walk here on the embankments, especially in the warm season things really get into full swing around here. 

If you are not ready for a 17-kilometer walk, we can offer two alternative options:

1. rent a bike or an electric scooter;

2. walk along some of the embankments. All of them are beautiful in their own way, let us tell you about a few.

Bersenevskaya embankment

The embankment lies near the building of the legendary Red October confectionery factory, where the Museum is located, as well as many creative spaces, cafes and bars. According to historians, house number 20 on Bersenevskaya embankment, once could have belonged to the famous life-guardsman, right-hand man of Ivan the Terrible - Malyuta Skuratov. The house has an underground passage to the other side of the Moscow river, and in the 19th century the Imperial Moscow Archaeological Society was located here. The route leads from the famous Cathedral of Christ the Savior to Gorky Park and is adjacent to another beautiful embankment, located along the Museon Park.

Bersenevskaya Embankment
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Krymskaya embankment

Museon modern landscape park with green hills, fountains, wave-like benches and pavilions of artists are located near the embankment. And a 98-meter monument to the first Russian Emperor, Peter I rises on the nearby artificial island. A unique museum of more than 1000 sculptures is located under the open sky in Museon. It exhibits monuments of social realism era, avant-garde wonders and public art. Among the monuments are the works of Vera Mukhina, Evgeny Vuchetich, Vladimir Lemport, Sergei Merkurov and other famous sculptors. In the summer time in Museon you may enjoy open air cinema, join discussions and lectures, and the winter period is not boring as well; also the Gorky Park, with a very beautiful skating rink, is within walking distance from here.

Krymskaya Embankment 
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Kotelnicheskaya embankment

It overlooks one of the seven famous Stalin skyscrapers (Seven sisters). Many celebrities lived in it, including ballerina Galina Ulanova. Her apartment now houses a museum. And on the first floor of the skyscraper there is a legendary Illusion cinema, which was opened in 1966.

Moscow, Kotelnicheskaya Embankment
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Kremlevskaya embankment

The name of the embankment speaks for itself: it offers a magnificent view of the heart of Moscow – the Kremlin. You can clearly see the following Kremlin towers from here: Vodovzvodnaya and Taynitskaya (from the word “Tayna” (secret), because of underground passage that was built through the Taynitskaya tower), built in 1485 and 1488 respectively according to architect Fryazin’s design, as well as Petrovskaya, Moskvoretskaya and Bezimyannaya Towers.

Moscow, Kremlevskaya embankment
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Gorka Park

A large plot of land in Bolshoy Spasoglinischevsky Lane was not used for over 20 years. And last year, it was finally reconstructed and turned into a square, which is now called the Brooklyn of Moscow for its the special atmosphere and popularity among youth. The main architectural feature of the park are the levels: a small granite-paved square with a ground fountain and recreation areas on the bottom level, a green walking area with paths and an excellent playground on the middle level, and a gazebo on the hill, a view balcony and another playground on the top level. A basketball court and horizontal bars are available on the bottom level, close to the square, while the middle level has the outdoor exercise machines. By the way, street workout is rapidly gaining popularity in Moscow!

Bolshoy Spasoglinischevsky Lane, 5/4с8
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Respublica bookstore on Vozdvizhenka

If you want to relax from intense walks and city noise, buy designer souvenirs for a gift and just have a good time - visit the Respublica bookstore on Vozdvizhenka. It is more than just a bookstore - the location, which is open 24/7, combines a stylish shop and a cozy cafe, with an atmosphere of a modern metropolis. Here you can meet different people of Moscow: from fashionable students to elderly intellectuals, choose and read a book, eat some food or have a coffee and even chat with the sellers - they are all communicative and friendly.

Moscow, Vozdvizhenka Street, 4/7c1 
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