Anatomy of Moscow public transport

Everyone who likes to travel knows that moving around the city can be both an exciting excursion and a nightmare! However, knowing some basic things (familiar to every local), a couple of useful apps and friendly tips will resolve most of your problems.

You are in Moscow after a long flight. Surely your main desire now is to reach the hotel asap! And here is our first and perhaps the most important advise for the whole article: never use private taxi services that you will certainly be offered at the airport. You will definitely overpay by local standards, with absolutely no guarantee of a quality service.

Instead, we offer a choice of two simple and convenient options.

  • Use proven taxi services- international Uber or local Yandex.Taxi. You can download them in the App Store or Play Market; pay according to the taxi meter, and know the trip price in advance. For example, a trip by Uber from the airport to the city center will cost 1200-1400 rubles (about 20 dollars). If you have a small child, you will have to indicate this in the order, and the driver will install a suitable car seat. 

  • Use Aeroexpresstrains. This is a comfortable train that will take you to Belorussky railway station in the city center for 450-500 rubles (about seven dollars) (one standard class ticket for an adult). You can get to the station through E, D and F terminals of Sheremetyevo. It is a quite a good choice if you travel light!

...And now, after having a rest in the hotel, you are ready for your Moscow adventures! But to move from one point of the Quest to another, you will need transport again. The easiest way, of course, is to use Uber. Trips will be inexpensive and fast, taxi arrives to any point of the city in just a few minutes. 

However, do not miss the opportunity to explore the most beautiful metro in the world — the Moscow Metro!

Read more about the Moscow metro in "A Palace for the People: Moscow metro guide” article.

Buy a Troika card - it costs you extra 50 rubles (less than one dollar), but you will be able use it all the time: in the subway, in buses, in trolleybuses, and even in trams! The price of one trip is 38 rubles, and you can travel as many times as you want. Just do not forget to replenish the card at the ticket windows or using special terminals at the stations.

Taking the opportunity, let’s start destroying the common myth about language barriers and obstacles in Russia. The terminals in Moscow metro operate in English, and most of the transport workers know it (at least at the basic functional level).

A special part of the metro is the Moscow Central Ring, a line of land-based urban railway transport, which was launched in 2016 to unite metro stations of different branches located farther from the center than the Koltsevaya metro line. The MCR forms a 54-kilometer route that passes through many historical and picturesque places of the city.

By the way, Koltsevaya (brown) line of the Moscow metro is the only ring line of its kind on the territory of the former USSR. It seems hugging the central part of the city from under the ground. Just like the Garden Ring does that on the surface.

A convenient metro scheme, a calculation of travel time and an opportunity to replenish your Troika card online are available via Yandex.Metro free app.

Buses, trolleybuses and tramsrun frequently in Moscow, and many routes are quite picturesque. For example, tram number 39, follows a route from Universitetskaya metro station, where the main (and perhaps the most beautiful!) University of the country is located, to the romantic Chistye Prudy in the city center

By the way, there are more than ten night routes! English and even Chinese versions of the Mosgorpass app will help you to master the Moscow’s land transport .

And the last — but not the least important transportation options in Moscow are the bicycles and electric scooters for rent. These are affordable, mobile and eco-friendly means of transportation, indispensable for long walks around the city in the warm or relatively warm seasons. The related infrastructure is actively developing in our city, and the number of scooters and bicycles, as well the number of equipped lanes for them is constantly growing. And it is worth noting that recently introduced electric scooters have already become extremely popular!

Bicycle rental stations are available in 430 locations throughout Moscow. Find them on the map, register and pay rent with no deposit by visiting English version of the website at Rent prices are quite affordable.

To rent an electric scooter, visit

It will cost a little more than a bicycle, but it's understandable- just stand up and roll, relax, admire the beauties! 


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