Dear Friends!

You know that nothing is more important than your health. Therefore, the festivals we had planned for the near future will not be held. As a preventative measure against the coronavirus, the city of Moscow is cancelling all events involving gatherings of more than 5,000 people until April 10.

March 10April 10

Quality Time at Home: Education and Online Entertainment

Watch plays and concerts online, take virtual tour to Russian and world museums, listen to lectures, podcasts, and even viennese opera, make yoga or finally watch the series you haven’t time for before - make the most of your staying at home!

March 30April 10

Bookseller Festival

Cozy book festival on Novy Arbat Street

February 1December 6

Dear Friends!
Quality Time at Home: Education and Online Entertainment
Bookseller Festival

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Warm-hearted charity festival dedicated to traditional holiday
Dozens of types of seafood, food shows and open air gigs await you at Moscow's Fish Week festival!
International festival of historical reenactment
World's largest landscape design festival and contest
Grandiose holiday to honor Moscow' anniversary
National holiday dedicated to celebrating the richness and diversity of the country’s varied cultures
The largest Christmas festival in Europe
Welcome to Moscow's coolest party of the year!
New opera based on an ancient Russian folk tale
Cheerful Maslenitsa (Pancake Week) Festival
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